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She Made Her Husband Cry

Love your spouse without being controlling.

Both were each others first love
never been apart since high school
children, bills, and years later,
husband wants to make every rule

Wife likes to make him feel in charge
she lets him take on authority
cooking, giving, loving, planning,
same routine done repeatedly

Children are now out of the house
she wants personal development
husband only sees a housewife
to him anything else irrelevant

Some rules are made to be broken
husband came home to no dinner
questions, concerns, confusion,
she said the man is the griller

He wanted the trophy wife
she gave him years of fantasy
stretch marks, headaches, periods,
wife is now ready for new reality

No more staying home daily
she’s taking control of her life
networking, blogging, writing,
more titles added to wife

Too much too soon for the husband
he assumed marriage was ending
wife confirmed there will be changes,
and the husband started crying

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