A Portrait of Cerberus as a Young Dog

When you guard the last road And all the seasons pass through With time may come a dog or two Rest your heads now, a heavy load, These dogs will speak with you Whispers the first, red and slight…


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Yes! You Can Compost Pumpkins.

So don’t put that Jack-o’Lantern in the garbage.

Sadly, most of them are only carved for jack-o’lanterns and then thrown away. The best choice is to carve them only a day or two before the holiday and then cook and even eat them; of course, the seeds are delicious, too. There are some easy cooking ideas and a recipe right here.

Anything that was once alive will decompose, and that’s all that compost is; a mixture of materials that are now turning into soil that will feed new plants.

If you are new to the process, I’ve written an article Composting Basics: Learn How to Make Compost With Easy Tips From an Expert Gardener. Even if you don’t have an actual compost pile, all you have to do is chop up your pumpkin so it will decompose quickly. Then cover it will some leaves and a bit of soil in an unused garden bed or corner of your yard, and by spring, it will be gone.

Birds will love to eat the seeds if you decide not to roast them. So instead, cut up the pumpkin into a few large chunks and leave it in an area where wildlife is common, and it will soon be gone.

Finally, Jack was cursed and denied entry into Heaven and Hell. Instead, he was fated to wander with one glowing ember, carried in a hollowed-out turnip, the first jack-o’lantern.

Citizens followed Jack’s example and began placing hollowed-out vegetables, including pumpkins, outside their home on…

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