Why women need standards and standards need women

Standards developed by organizations like IEC and ISO assure the safety, reliability and efficiency of products and services. They promote interoperability and facilitate trade by removing barriers…


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The Future of Design Education Pt. 313

On Experiential Knowledge Sourcing

As the skill sets across a design team grow in breadth and depth, it is integral that the team shares valuable knowledge across the team. This begins with the understanding that the domain expertise across a team is to be open and dynamically expressed.

The active sourcing of domain knowledge is where we must focus our efforts. Growth trajectories, including exploration of our own self expression are integral to the movement of design as a perpetual practice.

Knowledge sourcing can come in many forms. Perhaps one of the greatest is within the domain of personal OKRs. Imagine what one could learn of there was a deeper form of knowledge sharing across a team! If a designer attended a SQL course to advance their database familiarity, perhaps that is something that is a transferable, teachable skill one could share? The first step is identifying the growth opportunities across a team.

The tracking of personal OKRs is an integral component of building a team that embraces the full humanness and team dynamic. It is here where we can support and invest at a depth that allows for a alliance greater than the work in direct visibility.

Tracking your personal OKRs can be as simple as structuring the follow framework in Slack.

Consider how you might introduce a team-based OKR tracking system. Writing your own OKRs might be the first step — identifying for your own self the areas yoh are looking to improve upon kr invest at a deeper level.

Go forthward and thrive!

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