The exact series of scripts to use when making new LinkedIn connections

Keep the initial reach out message short and concise, and don’t ask for favors unless you develop a genuine relationship.


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I Fucked My Cocktail Waitress

An erotic story with girl on girl action.

The clangs and bells and cheers of joy and boos of disappointment were ringing through the casino and right into Deborah’s ears.

She’d been playing blackjack at the casino for hours. It had been a bad morning at work, at the diner she waitressed in, and although she’d made a lot of money there was nothing she wanted to do more than go to the casino and blow it on blackjack and the free drinks that would keep coming her way as long as she sat playing at the table.

She had picked a good section to sit in — she was in Cherry’s section, the svelte, buxom redhead that had been bringing Deb her Cosmopolitans for hours, and as the hours went on, the flirting had gotten harder.

Deb had started flirting with Cherry the first time she saw her on the casino floor months ago, and they had developed a bit of a rapport.

Deb knew that Cherry was straight, in her early twenties, and that she wasn’t interested in a nearing-40 lesbian woman who played too much cards.

But Deb flirted anyway, and Cherry flirted back.

Winks that no one else could see, soft brushes on Deb’s hand when Cherry took the money from her fingers, sometimes even a light touch on the shoulder while Cherry lingered near the table, watching her play.

And always the smiles.

Cherry smiled at her like Deb was the only person in the entire casino, the only one she could see.

There she was now, swishing her way toward Deb’s table in her short little black skirt and the tight black button up shirt that Cherry’s breasts would not be contained in. She always had her top two buttons undone and a bit of cleavage showing, and Deb smiled as Cherry sidled up to her table and placed Deb’s cosmo next to her empty glass, which she scooped up onto her tray.

“How’s your night going, Deb?” Cherry asked.

“Not bad. I’m up about two hundred right now,” Deb told her.

“That’s awesome!” Cherry said, putting an arm around Deb and giving her a light squeeze.

Cherry had never done that before, and Deb savored the smell of Cherry’s hair when she leaned…

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