The Good and Bad Sides of Online Connection in Quarantine

This makes sense. There isn’t much else to do, so we turn to our devices. Meaning that screen time has increased for many of us, as well as social media usage. Not only are we relying on it for…


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5 Facets of Mindfulness That Will Spark Creativity in Your Life


It’s time to play Superman or Wonder Woman

You’re highly creative, but you don’t yet realize it.

You make babies; you make up stories; you make trouble. You create an atmosphere around you that either delights or repels people. Most of us are waterfalls of random, unconscious creativity.

The trick is to do it on purpose.

Remember when you used to play make-believe? Remember when dolls talked and Peter Pan was real? At six years old, I played army and conquered my foes in a vacant lot across the street from my house. I created worlds.

The secret to harnessing creativity is to play make-believe as an adult.

Creativity is not exclusive to making art. Music producer Rick Ruben calls it “A way of being.” It requires paying attention with an alert and open mind. It requires an inner stillness and confidence born of knowing who you are and what you want.

Meditation is an ideal training ground for creativity. When you sit in stillness, new ideas grow for you to harvest. There’s an endless supply of creativity within you and the world outside.

Meditation prepares you to recognize it and tap into it. Here are seven facets of mindfulness that will spark creativity in your life.

Our most creative thoughts often come during downtime — when drifting off to sleep, taking a walk, or showering. Meditation can boost this tendency by calming your mind and creating mental space for creative inspiration to rise to the top.

Since I’ve been meditating daily, ideas seem to pop up everywhere. For instance, I get a lot of ideas watching cable news. Someone will say something like, “The fierce urgency of now.” and I’m off to the races. My conversations are getting more lively, and my wit is quicker.

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