The Benefits of Digital Insurance

The financial services industry is espousing digital in order to offer the innovative services and convenience that the digital age customer has come to expect. In an earlier post, we have looked at…


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The exact series of scripts to use when making new LinkedIn connections

Keep the initial reach out message short and concise, and don’t ask for favors unless you develop a genuine relationship.

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Job seekers are looking for remote opportunities that provide flexibility. The author is not pictured. Photo: Getty Images

Whenever I make a new connection, I always send them a message so that the request to become their friend on the platform is more personal and doesn’t seem random.

The art of meeting people on social media has become the number one way I’ve made new friends during the pandemic, as well as business connections that have led to new mentors, partnerships, and even an increase in sales.

So after you connect with someone on Linkedin, what do you say to them and how do you say it? These are the scripts I use to build a genuine online relationship with someone.

The first message you send to a person should be just a few sentences. The goal? For them to know you’re a real person (not spam) and that you’re glad to have virtually met them on the platform.

Begin the message with a quick hello:

It’s nice to meet you! I look forward to learning more about you and hope we can continue to connect.

You can add on a sentence about anything you have in common (location, industry, mutual friends).

Looking forward to following your adventure here.

Over the next few weeks, find a reason to message the person again. This time, provide value. Compliment them on something they’ve done (a job promotion, a post they wrote on the platform, news about them or their company, etc.).

Here’s an example:

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