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Mindful Monday

Ten minutes of meditation before you begin work prepares the brain for cognition and clarity. Today, set a timer for 10 minutes before you start your work and just breathe with your eyes closed. When your thoughts wander, bring your attention back to your breath.

Meditation is a valuable way to begin a task, especially if it feels difficult or hard to start. School work, a report, or working on mathematical equation requires voluntary attention or a proactive mindset. When you set an intention to meditate you then mirror your intention to complete a task.

One of the problems of technology is the way it pulls your attention off your intention to a reaction to a stimulus. This is what the thoughts do when you are meditating. By practicing the process of focusing on the breath, recognizing when you’ve been distracted by your thoughts, and bring your attention back to the breath, you are setting your brain up for the same process with your task and the stimulus of your phone.

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