Memindahkan Controller ke dalam Sub Directory di Laravel

Pada kesempatan ini saya ingin share bagaimana cara memindahkan Controller ke dalam sub directory di laravel. Dengan kita memindahkan controller, kita dapat lebih mudah mengelompokan controller yang…


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3 Strategies to Help Protect Your Brand from Being Counterfeited

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. There should, however, be a caveat to this expression — when your brand is the target of counterfeiting.

If your brand has been the victim of counterfeiting before, you will know that it feels anything but flattering. Beyond the emotional stress, counterfeiting can have massive financial implications for your brand and company as a whole.

So rather than deal with the fall out after you’ve been targeted, you should implement some preventative strategies to help protect your brand in the first place. To borrow another expression — prevention is better than cure.

Below, we’ve listed 3 strategies that will help prevent your brand from being counterfeited.

Registering your trademark is a fundamental step any and all brands should take to help prevent counterfeiting. Going through the process of trademarking your brand will not only help to establish your legal rights, it will also provide you with avenues for legal recourse if you should find your products have been knocked off.

The reason simplyBrand’s solution to counterfeiting works is because it offers complete support for brands that want to prevent their products from counterfeiting. We use a combination of sophisticated technology and crowd sourced data to constantly monitor the web for instances of counterfeiting.If there are any counterfeits detected, simplyBrand will provide you with all of the vital details so that you can respond efficiently and effectively.

Considering that counterfeiters are often able to succeed because companies fail to take timely action (or any action at all!), using simplyBrand’s solution is a key strategy to take preventive action early on, and also to communicate to counterfeiters that there will be repercussions if they target your company.

You may have heard news that an increasing number of brands have started to integrate anti-counterfeiting technology in or on their products, such as RFID chips. RFID chips are indeed an advanced way to fight counterfeiting, and some companies now use them as their primary preventative solution.

We explored the above three strategies to consider implementing to protect your brand from counterfeiting. Each offers unique benefits, and can even be used in combination with one another. So the question remains, which will you choose?

Do you know of any other strategies to help prevent brands from being counterfeited? Let us know in the comments below!

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