Autumn Magic

One afternoon I was walking in the park by the lake and I passed by a kind of poplar tree, standing alone, bathed in light. The scene was hypnotic. I wish you could have been there Leprechauns full…


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Virtual Trolling and Harassment

A commonplace practice: trolling. Primarily in politics and major athletic leagues, it is something that cannot be avoided. Be it online or in the real world, not all people all willing to participate in a discussion or social gathering with the best of intentions.

I believe that this is an effective measure, but harassment will always be there, just as it will always exist in the real world. In the end, it is a matter of a person’s education and ethics. People need to learn and accept the clear distinction between liberty and abuse. Consequently, hard work needs to be done at school and (primarily) within each person’s family, in order to engrave that distinction to young minds and souls, and encourage good social behaviour.

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