What Does Clutch Mean In Basketball?

Basketball is one of those sports that have many different terms to define every different aspect of the game. Some terms are as well known such as PER or in the paint are well known while terms…


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Project 1

I wish I had the same enthusiasm as I did on my first blog post. As I started getting deeper into the semester, I’ve honestly been feeling different about blogging every week. It’s still a good idea, but like I said before, it’s getting harder with a heavier workload. Either way, I’m still excited to share with you all the wonderful world of statics.

Recently, we were assigned with a part to our project focusing on Unit 1 of our Statics class. The focus of this unit was primarily force vectors. So I’ve been looking around to see if I could find something representing this unit, and there are examples all around us. It can be from things like your backpack hanging on your shoulders or breaking a bolt loose with a wrench. It’s all around us.

Taking classes like these open my eyes to the way things work around me. Not just statics, but even my previous physics and chemistry classes. It kind of makes me proud to be an engineer, that is, that I am able to understand how the world around me works. There’s way more math and physics involved than I believe the general public would think. With that being said, I am proud of all of us for continuing to move forward.

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