Frustration Games. Why I Want To Quit Tournaments.

Over the last several months. I’ve made a joke about “retiring” from fighting games. I’ve done this mostly facetiously. But deep down inside I’ve been losing my passion for this. And over the past…


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What Does Clutch Mean In Basketball?

Basketball is one of those sports that have many different terms to define every different aspect of the game.

Some terms are as well known such as PER or in the paint are well known while terms like clutch shooting or clutch shot are not as well-known and if you are not an avid follower of the game watch it casually. You may not even know these terms at all.

Hence this article will help you understand all about the term clutch shooting, or clutch shot. These terms are used interchangeably. Both these terms mean different things while referring to different situations with the same context.

Clutch is a move pulled by one of the players to score a winning point in the last few minutes, at a very crucial time. If the point is secured at the right time and your favorite team wins the game then that is a clutch shooting.

While the singular shot taken to secure the point by your favorite shooter is called the clutch shot. Some players even often get the reputation of being an excellent clutch shooter, based on the player’s performance at a critical time in the game and their ability to score in such a high-pressure environment.

Yes, of course, any shot that can tip the scales of the game and edge your favorite team over to the winning side in the last few minutes, makes clutch shots that much more important.

Having a few clutch shooters on your team will help you win the battle at the end if you need some quick points on the board for your team.

Clutch shooters have impeccable timing and decision-making that helps them make the right call under the highest pressured games.

Basketball matches are often the most stressful and the highest pressured games. While some players may not be able to cope with the stress, their performance may suffer due to it. Other players like the clutch shooters thrive in this kind of high pressured game.

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