How to Eat Your Way to Happier

When I say that I have “trauma” from cutting weight in wrestling and martial arts, it’s not really a joke. For the longest time, even just the thought of dieting or weight loss was enough to trigger…


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Medium Backwards

Hey Medium, stop screwing with the back button.

Do you know how rude that is? Some clever Product Manager convinced an uninformed JavaScript developer that Medium could respond even faster to a reader’s clicks, creating an ever-more “tailored” selection of stories for them.

You’ve rendered the back button useless. I like to load-up my home page, scan the headlines, and look for a few stories that I’d like to read. Click on one, enjoy it, click the back button and, whoa, hold up!? Where are those other stories that also looked interesting? Gone? Somewhere else in my “finely curated” list of stories? So instead, I have to cmd-click to open something interesting in a new tab that I close when done, just so I don’t lose some other story that looked interesting.

People expect a predictable behavior when browsing. When you mess with that, it makes you look like amateurs.

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