Navigating the Rules of Criminal Justice

Navigating the rules of criminal justice is a complex and ever-evolving process that requires a deep understanding of the history, current developments, and future possibilities of the criminal…


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How do we treat clean energy

Based on various studies, environmental pollution caused by fossil fuels cannot be ignored, and cities need cleaner energy in the future. What needs to be addressed is not only the changes in the energy system, but also a range of social issues, such as the impact on traditional industries and technological innovation. The need for low-cost solar energy, safer, cleaner nuclear energy, and more efficient, cheaper fuel cells are imminent, and the key is how to integrate these technologies and make use of them. This will be a “revolution” about energy, and the future world needs clean energy.

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Using IoT to train problem solvers of the future

Is Malawi ready to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that tackle current and future food security, energy, transport and health issues? Well, that was a challenge the We for Talent Hackathon…