How do we treat clean energy

One might be concerned about the fact that we must make relatively reasonable judgments about the future energy system. For the current oil shortage and the rise in the proportion of atmospheric…


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Using IoT to train problem solvers of the future

Is Malawi ready to develop Internet of Things (IoT) solutions that tackle current and future food security, energy, transport and health issues? Well, that was a challenge the We for Talent Hackathon set out to address.

The aim of the training was to enhance youth development by helping them build their business and technology skills. Participants were students and young techies from around Lilongwe. The topics covered included hardware programming, business intelligence and innovation architecture. Using these skills, the participants are expected to create ICT based solutions that address social challenges. It is also hoped that this will lead to them to develop new start-ups.

In a chat with one of the facilitators during the training, Osarumen Osama said that the young techies were one of the best he had worked with. “Initially they were a bit shy and held back but they opened up. They have great ideas! There is a lot of potential” he said.

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