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Autumn Magic

Posted March 27, 2018

One afternoon I was walking in the park by the lake and I passed by a kind of poplar tree, standing alone, bathed in light. The scene was hypnotic. I wish you could have been there

Autumn Magic

Spun gold
fall leaves on a poplar tree
twist and twirl in the breeze
bright and bold

full of spite and mischief
creep around roots and rocks
to wait and watch

Til the sun
sets low and the nights grow cool
One by one, they go to work
paint brushes primed

Spun gold
turns to crimson red and burnt orange
brilliant in the cool light of
an autumn afternoon

Cold sets in
Winter draws nigh, sun weak on the horizon
Wee leprechauns fade
Leaves turn brown

Spun gold
is a memory of sunlight now
wee elves dancing
in the glow

March 27, 2018

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