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Start of a New Epic

3/1/18 -3/7/18

New Month, New Epic!!

3/1/18 11:10–12:30pm

The first part of this class we focused on self refletion and connecting with the peice of work that we just finished reading, The Iliad. We had to try to guess why our partner identified with whatever theme or scene they picked from the epic. My partner chose the leadership aspect of the Odyssey. I asked her questions to try to figure out why. From my questions i discovered that she has a younger brother, identified with Agamemnon the most when it came to leadership style and enjoys being in charge and being depended on. It was interesting to see us bonding and getting to know each other better through this very long poem. I personally connected with the relationship aspect of the epic. The way that everyone was connected and the bonds between the people. Some were very apparent and talked about heavily and others were unspoken. It was a bit harder for her to figure out my reasoning because in my own thinking I contradict myself so as I was answering her questions some of them seemed to be opposite answers to similar questions, eventually though she was able to realize why I connected with this peice of the poem. I value relationships very heavily and hold them very close to my heart. I enjoy getting to know people nad making connections, although sometimes it is hard for me to initiate the interaction. As a kid, I moved schools every 2 years until I entered high school and in almost every schoool I was just thrown into a completely different environment with new people that I knew nothing about. So, I was forced to continously make new friends new friends growing up . The human experience fascinates me and every part of the human experience is played out through realtionships.

After this deep introspective portion of the class we discussed the outline of the test and different possible ways to study for it.

3/4/18 7:00 -9:00pm

During this time I decided to type out key events that happened throughout the poem into a googledoc. I typed out all of the books nad then proceeded to fill them in. I started with the last 2 books since those were fresh on my mind. I identified the ransoming of Hector to Priam and the lamentaion by Hecuba, Helen and Andromache and the games played by the Greeks in honor of Patroclus. I then proceeded to start from the beginning. I identified all the major plot points: Agamemnon and Achilles argument, Achilles withdrawing from war, Diomedes’ aristea, Agamemnon’s aristea, Hera’s aristea, Patroclus’ aristea, spy mission, embassy to Achilles, Hector’s death, Paris vs. Menelaus, Hector vs. Ajax, Hector vs. Patroclus, Patroclus death. After identifying them I tried to put them into their respective books. Then proceeded to check and move the ones that I did not get correct to their correct book.

3/5/18 4:30 -7:30pm

I read through all of the sparknotes summaries and completeed my book outline making sure to fill in books that didn’t have any information already written. I also tried to have at least 3 things that happened per book and connect each scene together. After reading through the summaries for each chapter I would take the quiz that they have on sparknotes that shows if you know what happened in the book. I would get 100 on most of them, but mess up sometimes because I get would the gods and people mixed up. To try to combat this I would write down the question I got wrong and the correct answer to try to remember it better. Once I completeed my outline of the book on my computer I decided to copy it down and handwrite it in my notebook. I am better at reaclling information if I write it down and being able to see it on multiple different platforms tells be that this is important information.

3/6/18 11:10 -12:10pm

Test Day!

3/7/18 8:00–9:30pm

I started to read the Odyssey on a different platform than the one that you give us because I wanted to be able too read it more as a story rather than a poem, but the characters name were not aligned nad I was getting confused as I continued to read. So, I decided to switch to the website that you provide us with on the syllabus and disable the Greek text and give myself more lines so that I would be able to read more of it faster.

Once I figured out and adjusted my platform I switched over to sparknotes to get a summary of what was actually going on in Book 1 of the Odyssey. It turns out as they did in the Iliad they started the epic by calling out to a nymph that would allow them to recall the story of Odysseus’ venture home. Then went on the account that some warriors did not make it home because they wronged the gods. It was also realized that most of the heroes from the Trojan war have returned to their homes, except Odysseus. He is stuck on an island as a captive by a the goddess, Calypso that has fallen in love with him. This is interesting to see that of all the soldiers that were coming back from war this goddess chose Odysseus. It also seems that the gods speak very highly of Odysseus, even Zeus refers to him as godlike. We know from the Iliad that he is very good with his words and a great warrior. He has skills on and off the field that make him a key warrior and one of the Greeks prized soldiers. Although he was still not able to bring Achilles back into battle nad while he goes onquest in the Iliad the gods do not focus on him at all. While they give Diomedes and Agamemnon their aristea Odysseus is just there being a great soldier.

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