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Ballerina is an open source, concurrent programming language which has both textual and graphical representation. It is mainly designed for seamless integration of networked applications. Ballerina…


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My Ultimate Why

At the USOC symposium I was scared, nervous, and self-conscious. Most conferences I had been to resulted in me being timid. I remember even being to nervous to introduce myself to Dan John. A guy who has influenced me in tremendous ways and does so continually. Isn’t that a shame? Well the path I am on is one of acknowledgment of others. So while the past is one that I am not able to change, I can change right now and soon the now will be the past. So not listening to the calling to talk to him gets used as catalyst like many other situations as fuel to my burning fire.

I was doing better than I had at previous conferences where I usually felt like a fraud. Why am I here? How could I add to anything here? Nobody knows me and nobody cares to know me. I’m from Dakota State University — a school nobody has heard about in a town they immediately think is Wisconsin. The eyes light up until I let them in on the secret; it’s not South Dakota State, the division I school. No. It’s Just, Dakota State. And no I’m not with the Badgers of Wisconsin, it’s a different Madison.

This symposium was quite different. The set-up was meant to leave with people truly connecting. People were willing to communicate openly and because of this and I was blown away. I do my best to be transparent with people but I am not able to explain the power other people have when they acknowledge me at a big event where they are well known and me, a little peon. But, the reversal is true. Because I can acknowledge and now do so with great joy. It is an amazing thing that happens when we truly acknowledge a human being. They light up. But moving on...

At the end of the event, still feeling scared I started taking emails down, writing things that I could remember from a conversation, and imprinting in my mind these connections. I didn’t know and for the most part didn’t have the conviction I do now. The conviction of maintaining these connections and developing them even further was an afterthought. But I did the small things and reached out a few weeks after the conference. I can remember Jake Schuster being a light in the darkness I was walking in. He told me to stay in touch; with everyone. I’ll never forget that. Not for what he said, but from where it was coming from. He could see I wasn’t terribly convinced of my future and my present position. I was at a crossroads.

These types of interactions have been occurring more and more as I answer the call.

And that is why I am aiming for the highest points of my imagination and then going further. Each passing day I can increase this aim; this ideal. Each day I can reduce suffering and add value to wherever I go, no matter the innocence of an encounter. It is in these small details where I get to practice for the inevitable “shining” moment that awaits me. I know it is coming. Just like the bamboo tree I am watering it daily. I water it with all the love that fills me from the Universe. I care for it with all the love of a mother for her child. I nourish it with daily habits and disciplines. I do this because I know what is coming. The bamboo tree is not seen by anyone. Nobody can envision my highest aim nor can I expect anyone other than the individual conjuring up their highest aim to be understood. I don’t seek to be understood. I understand myself. I must continue to get to know myself and go towards my callings.

It is true I have one ultimate calling. But I have micro-callings too. These daily micro-callings allow me to practice for the ultimate calling moments. How can I take massive action if I don’t take micro-action steps every single day when I am called to do so? How?

So I practice. I practice like everything is riding on it. I practice when everyone is sleeping. I practice when everyone is awake. I don’t need to see the bamboo tree grow a little bit each day because I AM growing every day. With each passing day I give my all to my highest aim and I am given so much in return; excitement, fulfillment, and enjoyment.

After hot yoga yesterday I reflected on my lifestyle and choices. I feel as if I am living in paradise. And I am. It is a well-crafted paradise of my choosing. Not everyone would call it a paradise but it isn’t theirs. Just like I wouldn’t enjoy theirs to the degree they would, I don’t expect anyone to understand my choices. They are mine. But I vow with my entire being to give to this highest aim. I come to tears when I think on this. Nothing can distract me. I am moved by a calling that is more powerful than the most powerful army; stronger than any volcano, earthquake, and tsunami. Wider and more vast than the Universe. Because I am the Universe reincarnated as a human being. Being awake to this gives me such an incredible rush. I must give, give, and give to everyone in this world.

I now live with conviction.

In strength,

Coach G

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